Viva Mexico!

We spent 8 days in Mexico. Most of the time near and in Cancun. Turned back and watched Apocalypto, the movie. Close to Cancun is Chichen-Itza located, where some parts of the movie was shot.

Amazing country, full of contracts and color, warm and hard working people, excellent cuisine, and great music. I left to Mexico without expecting something that would impress me so much. It wasn’t the all-inclusive resort – quite similar with other places; but the land, the people and the culture. We just scratched Mexican spirit; for sure, we will turn back there.
I did many pictures, unfortunately, not all were good so I published only few. Still, I think is reflecting a little bit of what we found there.

Viva Mexico! Now I know why I was in love with its music before visiting it. And the movie, Apocalypto, incredible cruel, but what a movie. You should not miss it. See it together with the other masterpiece, 1492: Conquest of Paradise. And you will learn a little bit about what America means.

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  1. wow! glad to read your positive account of mexico. it made me realize how many negative stereotypes i have received via mainstream media.

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