4 Years Ago – eLiberatica 4th edition – A New Year

4 Years Ago

A few days ago, I met Zak for a beer, as we do usually to catch up with each other. Coincidentally, we realized that 4 years ago, almost the same day – in a night of December 2005, the idea of organizing a FLOSS event in Romania was born. How the time fly!

Many things happened in the meantime. The good – eLiberatica run three editions and reached 400 participants this year. High profile Open Source and Free Software activists, developers and enthusiasts came to Romania and presented their ideas, shared stories and expertise, made new friends, learned about our culture. The Romanian FLOSS community members gain something; they met each other in person, they shared ideas, they learned new things; new events and communities were developed. Although the Romanian FLOSS community is not united as I dreamt when I started, still, eLiberatica did something: it made it clear that Romanians are having a FLOSS community. It put it on the FLOSS World Map. It also attracted the government and media attention and most of all, the Romanian public attention; and the FLOSS international community attention to Romania. Many Romanians who had no idea about what Open Source and Free Software means, now learned.

Is this something? I don’t know, you judge, and the time will tell. There is still a lot to do, but it is a start.


eLiberatica 4th edition

Back these days: people are asking me what’s next, and especially about eLiberatica 4th edition. I can come now with a clear answer:

eLiberatica 2010 – unfortunately no…
eLiberatica 2011 – YES!

eLiberatica 2011

There are important factors making a 2010 edition hard to develop: on my side – I have to spend more time with my family, and to focus on my actual job. Zak is in a similar situation. Both of us spent many-many days and nights preparing and managing the previous three editions and volunteering for the community; now we should turn back to our families, they need us. The times are harsh too; there is a lot of political uncertainty and economical turmoil in Romania these days. We hope this will change in good in the next year…

Therefore, although Romi (Agora CEO – our partners we had in the first 3 editions) made me the offer to collaborate again in organizing eLiberatica, I had to say no this time.
Both Zak and I decided to go again together and prepare a big one – but only in 2011.

On the other hand, Romi mentioned to me that Agora would like to organize a local Open Source event in the spring of 2010, which I think is fain. Anyway, please note, this event is not going to be supported by Zak, and me, nor will be eLiberatica. On the other hand, I’m glad to see eLiberatica is not the single FLOSS event taking place in Romania now. A few are on the track and I hope we share our part in generating it.

I will be always supporting the FLOSS movement in Romania and, generally speaking – ROMANIA. Although Canada is now my country, and I love it and respect it, I’ll never forget where I came from. So if is anything I can help there, and is in my power, you let me know.

Related to eLiberatica 4th edition – I’ll continue to keep communication up; I’m open to any suggestions, so please stay in touch with me. I updated my blog, I’ll tune it up even more, and I’ll start to rearrange the eLiberatica websites, unifying it in a single one and preparing it for 2011. I estimate we will start to work for organizing the next edition probably the summer of 2010. In 2011, we wish to have the best FLOSS event ever in Romania.


A New Year

These being said, I wish all of you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
It was an honor and a pleasure to be with you in all these 4 years, and I hope to be again together soon.

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  1. It will be very interesting to find out more details about the upcoming FLOSS conference that Agora is planning on organizing.I sincerely hope they choose their sponsors very, very carefully.The reason I say that is because some time ago I decided to not attend any FLOSS conferences that choose to be sponsored by GPL-hating, software-patent saber-rattling, proprietary companies (I won’t name any names, but we all know which company I’m referring to). I call this the cognitive dissonance syndrome.-Dan

  2. maybe there are other volunteers that could try to organize the 2010 edition if you are busy…it would be a shame to let one year pass without eLiberatica…

  3. @ Dan – The reason I put that note related to Agora Open Source Conference is exactly to make it clear: as far as decided not to participate in organizing it, I cannot guarantee the event is equidistant – so I’m not supporting it, more than eventually spreading the word. On the other side, I think and I hope Romi will do the right decision.@ Alex – Sorry, but “other volunteers” sound very vaguely to me 😉 Over these 4 years, there were many people offered to do a lot of volunteering. A few did some, others only talked. I would prefer to be sure this conference would continue with the same quality and independence like the previous editions. For now, there are no people in my mind that would prove to me they could setup an identical event. eLiberatica is trademarked in Romania and nobody else can use its brand. This is not a barer for other organizations, or volunteers, to setup FLOSS conferences there. The single thing is that they cannot name it eLiberatica. To make it clear: I did a lot of thinking about it, and my decision didn’t come light. I also consulted with Zak, which I trust most. I think is better a year without it, rather than a faint, (or worst – compromised) and poor organized event. When I’m putting my efforts there, I really do it until I reach the results and goals I made 4 years ago. I must to be sure will be the same quality like previous. I cannot do things on half… that’s me. And that is eLiberatica.

  4. This is a wise decision although gave me the bitter taste in my mouth… OK, it is very good when limits are known and wise decision are taken, but the bitter taste is there. I’m not disappointed but surprised.I hope this is for the best and I wish you and Zak all the best in the world and thank you for all your efforts. God bless!Maybe 2010 would be a good year co consolidate the idea and to start the association? this also fell short of meeting a solid objective as it should have been as a natural outcome of all the efforts?!

  5. I think the local FLOSS communities are about as united as the similar communities in other countries are, I had the pleasure to work with people from other communities on various projects and they went well.I will disagree with other people here, believing not holding eLiberatica in 2010 is a large chance it will lose the momentum… but the conference came on my radar only this year, when it was more open (I was aware of it in the past, but I ignored it).I am sure 2010 will bring a number of important events, even one organisation I am involved with has some plans for something in the autumn – is way too early to tell more, but the intention is to be very different in target, scope and participation from eLiberatica.

  6. @ Adi Roiban – is only a break, our plan is to prepare in 2011 one of the best editions. Thanks for greetings.@ Constantinescu Nicolae – is nothing wrong, you should not have bitter taste. Would be worse to have a low quality and compromised event in 2010 rather than a break. Related to an association, that depends of all of you there, and the unity of Romanian FLOSS communities. Thanks for greetings.@ Doru Ilasi – Thanks for comments Doru.@ Nicu Buculei – I think the FLOSS is now stronger in Romania than 4 years ago. Still, there is quite long way until we can talk of a powerful Romanian FLOSS movement. Related to openness, eLiberatica was and will remain always open even some people fill find this later ;)Other FLOSS events – I can only salute it! Happy New Year and good luck Nicu!@ all of you – I wish all of you A Happy New Year, and a much better one for Romania in general. Let’s hope we will meet again all together in 2011.

  7. Happy New Year to all of you!Agora will organise an Open Source/ Free Software conference on May 27 in Bucharest.The conference will have, more or less, the same “format” as the other technology conferences we organise (http://atc.agora.ro).Target: decision makers from medium & big companies and from central administration. No admission fee.Speakers: OS/FS solution providers.As you can see it will be a different type of conference than eLiberatica.We will continue to organise such type of conferences all over the year (12 technology conferences in Bucharest and 8 regional conferences in the major cities of Romania …only in the first half of 2010!) …and we will pepare for eLiberatica 2011.

  8. Hi Romi, Happy New Year to you too! I wish you good luck with the Agora conferences. Let’s hope we will do eLiberatica 2011 again together; definitely, I would prefer to partner with your team rather with somebody new. We built a strong relation and I think this is the most important. I hope everything will go in the right direction in Romania.Good luck and all my best,Lucian

  9. Hi there,Any news about the long awaited 2011 eLiberatica event? Since the year is almost over, I`m guessing that there’s no more time for it 🙁 but maybe next year?Any plans?Thanks,Eduard

    1. Hi Eduard, unfortunately there is nothing changed in the Romanian economy (and in general); actually is even worse than last year, you know better… I didn’t renounce the idea to re start the conference series, but probably it still has to wait. It is about my schedule and time too – this year was a tough one on my side. Therefore I cannot say anything about next year, but I hope that next year I can announce something about eLiberatica 2013.

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