Something very special happened – The birth of the first official FLOSS nonprofit organization in Romania?

Something very special happened after eLiberatica 2009 ended; I’m talking here about the initiative to organize a nonprofit organization that would support and help Free Software and Open Source spread in Romania.I was totally exhilarating when I saw it taking shape. I think a unique momentum was created and Romanians should not waste this chance. I assured them all my support, but I would prefer not to be involved much at this stage. I consider people living in that country should drive this project. I would prefer to be more an observer and a liaison in between them and the outside world. There I can help for sure.ROSI - Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative - Logo This being said, I updated the information at website and I presented my intention to donate the domain that I own (; if of course, the people there will ask for it. I also recommended to Romi (Agora our eLiberatica pertners enrolled ROSI like a brand) to donate the ROSI ( Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative) brand in case this initiative will follow the ideals that ROSI tried to promote when was started. On the other hand, I reserved my right to withdraw my support if I’ll see the initiative failing to attract honest and vertical members that would coordinate the group.I wish them good luck and determination. Is a unique moment, is a dream – to see the emerging of a real Romanian FLOSS organization that would drive things in the right direction in that part of the world.There are many capable and honest people in the IT community there, the single condition would be for them to get involved and do the right thing. If not, opportunists, false good willing people, closed source lobbyist and so on, will fail the beautiful thing that started. So be aware. Keep an eye on this initiative, help it if you can.The most of discussions are taking place on tic-lobby (one of the most respected Romanian IT communities) and rosi-talk, the new launched discussion list. (Please note, Doru Ilasi (one of the initial ROSI group members) is the one who took the initiative to coordinate this project, he is administering the discussions there. Good job Doru!)

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  1. Good luck to the new organization! :)There are more and more communities in Romania (more ore less official) that promote open source. And that is a good thing because there is a place for these kinds of organizations especially since, it seems, that the common people, and more important, the government departments don’t really give Open Source much importance.

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