Underground news: eLiberatica 2008 speakers list

I have lots of news and not too much time, but I can not resist without at least presenting one: Finally we released the eLiberatica guest list. And we have a great team again! Take a look here:

  • Monty, is accepted our invitation and is coming again! I bet that Romanians will have tons of question for him, especially since MySQL proved without any doubts that Open Source business model can worth billions 😉
  • Since they gain so much audience last year, old friends from the last edition are coming with new presentations: Bogdan Manolea will talk this time about Romanian laws related to the IT field, what legal implication are if you wish to start an IT business, open-source issues and more.
  • Also, Aleksander Farstad, CEO at eZ Systems, will come with a general presentation about the future of Enterprise Content Management.
  • New personalities are join us:
  • David Ascher – CEO at MailCo (the latest Mozilla Foundation subsidiary) the one who would make Thunderbird flying like thunder;
  • Barbara Held, from European Commission, in charge with Interoperable Delivery of pan-European eGovernment Services program
  • Ivan Krstic, Director of Security Architecture at One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project who was named by MIT Technology Review in 2007, one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 for his work on the OLPC security platform, Bitfrost.
  • Bill Dobie,  Founder and Head of Business Development at Navarik Corp. – which will talk about doing business with the giants (Shell, BP and others) using open source technologies
  • Shane Caraveo,  chief dragon-wrangler for Komodo at ActiveState and the one who wrote the first Win32 port of PHP back in the late 90’s
  • Shane Martin Coughlan, from Free Software Foundation Europe will present strategic implementation of Free Software in businesses
  • Brian King, Board of Directors Mozdev Community Organization and Founder and manager at Briks, will talk about “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” and running a business using OSS tools and software
  • David Sugar, a telecommunications and FLOSS veteran,  will will introduce you the background, history, and business opportunities for using free software in telecommunications.

Last but not least: finally somebody from Romanian Government at eLiberatica! Mr. Constantin Teodorescu, Secretary of State at Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will attend and speak at eLiberatica!And of course, my best friend Zak (who is beyond hype, Romanians already know him), the person without this conference would not be the same.As you see, a great-great team of speakers, hard to put together even at a North American IT conference. A unique chance to meet them in Romania, all together.And… ah, the registration started 🙂 And there are special promotion and 20% off for the ones who are booking the tickets this month. Let’s see, I think a covered the most important things. I forgot; there are others on the guests lists and we are waiting their confirmation. Perhaps I should note at least one of them:  Louis Suarez-Potts from OpenOffice. What do you think? Of course we are going to invite this time Microsoft representatives to paricipate in the discussion panel ;)So, if you wish to keep in touch with the latest updates, keep an eye on eLiberatica website and subscribe to the news there.

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