eLiberatica 2008 will make history in the Romanian IT

There is a high activity related to the conference preparation although there is not much on the forefront yet. I couldn’t find too much time in the last months to publish the news on my blog so I taught now it would be a good idea to give some details for the ones interested.A month ago we launched the new eLiberatica 2008 website and published the first newsletter.These days we launched another two sections: “Call for Papers” and “Help to Promote eLiberatica“.We are working intensively to launch “Hotel and Travel” section next week, and present there detailed information about the venue, Bucharest and Romania.World Trade Center Bucharest, the place for eLiberatica 2008In Romania, Agora team is working hardly to prepare the conference logistics.Some news will be published soon, not yet officially, but 99% to happen is the fact that, we found a better place to hold the conference – World Trade Center Bucharest.A stylish and modern space for a great event like this.Also, we established the conference date: 30-31 May 2008.All these news will be published under eLiberatica website as soon as Agora will sign the contract with them.On the other hand, I just met with Zak a few days ago and we worked a great plan for inviting high profile guests and do strategic partnerships. And I can assure you, this time, the whole world will know about this initiative. We learned a lot from the last conference and we wish to have next year an event close to perfection.Of course, all of these will not happen without the community support, without your support. I’m using this message to ask any person who loves IT, Open Source and Free Software, but also the ones who don’t know much about FLOSS (but are bright enough to understand that future means Open and Free technologies), to help us spreading the world about this event.Details about how you can help this initiative are posted under Help to Promote eLiberatica.And we would like to meet you all there and have another great time together.

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