Romania and Microsoft’s Office Open XML

I just found from one of the ROSI members (Laurentiu Buzdugan), that Romanian Standard Association (ASRO) was one of the few countries representatives who approved without any comments the Microsoft OOXML proposal! (For those who are not familiar with it, there is a quite straight forward explanation on Wikipedia about OOXML and ODF.)Can you imagine? No comments or nothing, they just say “OK, we totally agree with Office Open XML”!So if somebody is telling me that Romania is not under the total influence of Microsoft, I would laugh in his face. (There are tons of articles about how MS is “promoting” their proposal, I found this one interesting, and this one, or this..)What can we do? Maybe start to explain for everybody – even to ASRO – why OOXML is bad and why ODF is good?I invite all of you who are open minded to promote ODF and post FSF Europe logo+link on their sites and bogs, here is the text and the code I grabbed from them:” Put this banner on your web page and use it to link to the six questions on MS-OOXML that are still unanswered: “Ah, and check this site too .

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