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Andrei posted about latest OS Romanian event (Open Source & Linux for Enterprise) and I consider is important to write a separate article about my response:Andrei, thanks for sharing your experience with this event.I heard similar opinions for other people who attended it.From your description, I understand that only MS representative was the single one who deserved to be seen because he was well prepared. I’m not surprised about this; MS is well organized in Romania. (Btw, the comparison in between Linux User Group and RONUA is only confirming again that Romania has a lot of MS influence. There should be an equilibrium like is in other parts of the world…)Now about eLiberatica and your concern:The single common point in between eLiberatica and the event you attended is the fact that both are trying to promote Open Source in Romania. eLiberatica is going to be a professional conference, very well prepared and financially supported. “Open Source & Linux for Enterprise” was a free event, probably with a lack of preparation and financial support. And this is a pity, but that is that..The international speakers announced at eLiberatica, probably presented at tens of conferences before, so we should not be afraid from this point of view.Related to local speakers who will present academical sessions, we initiated already a few dialogs and I’m sure are going to be very good presentations. We are going to verify each presentation before approve it.As I said, it seems that “Open Source & Linux for Enterprise” and some other similar events, because of a lack o preparations and not enough financial support, could not reach a professional level.I attended a few similar events here in Canada, and I can say the things are completely different. Probably, the speakers are preparing well before presenting – nobody affords to screw-up – and probably here are more financial resources (beside Microsoft :)I assure you, eLiberatica will be different. We have the financial resources – this is why we are not setting a free event – we have one of the highest profile speakers possible to put together.We only need Romanians to open their eyes and ears and understand why this is going to be a unique event and opportunity. And why should they not miss this event.

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  1. Lucian, I’m not very familiar with the inner workings of ROLUG so there might be some issues that I currently don’t understand, but Microsoft Romania helped RONUA (especially RONUA Bucharest) many times. For example, Aurelian had a “Ready to Rock” kit with Visual Studio 2005 Professional, MSDN Library and SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition with 1 CAL, plus a bunch of Microsoft Press and O’Reilly books to give away. Aurelian didn’t pay a single dollar out of his pocket for those, but he spent a great deal of time talking to the folks at Microsoft Romania and explaining why a community behind their .NET Platform is such a big deal.I don’t know if there are any companies backing up ROLUG, although many reap the benefits of a Romanian Linux Community. Few companies give back to the community and that’s a sad fact.I’m sure that the speakers at the OS & Linux for Enterprise conference did their best, but most of them lacked experience. A friend of mine from Microsoft told me that each Microsoft employee that might go out and speak at an event has to go through a couple of training courses on this subject. As you said, nobody can afford a screw-up.

  2. Hi Andrei, I’m not trying to deny – the Romanians working for Microsoft there are doing a great job from a professional point of view. 6-7 years ago, I attended myself a few MS conferences in Bucharest and I was positively impressed. Also, I agree, MS has money so they can afford to do that kind of things and preparations.What I’m trying to say is that all of us involved in events like this, should learn and improve our contribution and prepare FLOSS events and initiatives like professionals. And this is what we are going to do at eLiberatica.The power of FLOSS community is not relaying in financial resources – although is a different situation in other countries than in Romania – but in the level of participation and in the seriousness and dedication of its members. The power of one multiplied by ten of thousand. Moreover, this power sometime is much stronger than the power of a corporation, even if we talk about Microsoft.

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