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Ok, I think that is time to reveal some details as far as serious Romanian bloggers start to talk about it (see Alex Brie post )There is an effervescent activity on ROSI  Basecamp hosted project.We got a lot of new members – important Romanian IT personalities and enthusiasts, and now the group has more than 35 members.In the last month, when I spent my vacation in Romania, we had a few important achievements; first of all, we shake the hand with Agora Media – one of the biggest IT media groups in Romania – and they become our partner in setting up this conference. I have met personally with Mr. Romulus Maier, general manager head at Agora Media and we had a very proficient conversation. I the same time I met Mircea Sarbu (from IntraWeb Software), one of the most interesting people, big hart, and great soul – thank you for all Mircea!I also met ROSI group members that are settled in Brasov spending a good time together .In the same period, Stefan Petre introduced me to Dan Panturu (form Antique Design) and Remus Cazacu (from Bit Software). Both of them became ROSI members, their companies being interested in participating and help the conference.On the other hand, turning back in Vancouver, I met Zak and together with the rest of the group we established the battle plan for the next period.On short, right now Agora is setting the legal papers for the conference and the group. ROSI start to prepare the structure for the two websites future implementation ( and, net, org, com), the logos and the content. It is a huge amount of work for a short time – we intend to publish both websites till the end of August.Ah, something that you would be interested; right now we are preparing an invitation list with personalities belonging to Mozilla, MySQL, PHP, FSF and more.We are thinking this conference is going to be a special one, something different from any other happened till now in Romania. And this is because of the Romanian enthusiasm met in the country, the participation and involvement of the ROSI group members and the encouraging of other people like Bogomil Shopov and Yovko Lambrev (the initiators of Bulgarian Web Tech conference) and most of all, because of Zak Greant, the person without this initiative wouldn’t have to many chances to succeed.I also wish to say special thanks to Carmen Holotescu and Filip, who take the initiative and spread the word on their blogs about this initiative a long time before.I don’t want to name here all ROSI group members yet. They will have a special place in the conference website and you can meet them on future site too.  But they are special people and I wish to say thank you to all of them; without you, this amazing thing, this great initiative couldn’t happen.

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