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When I was thinking of starting this blog, I didn’t know what to write.I started thinking of what to write for a first post and I concluded it would be best to say why I started blogging.The only problem was finding what to write. I surfed the web and read what others had written; it seems that all is already told and that if it wasn’t told, for sure somebody is going to tell it better than me.So why should I write anything? To be part of the blogging fashion? To heat my own ego? Or just for auto-psychotherapy? These were the kind of thoughts in my head a few months ago.In the meantime I started to become preoccupied by the idea of helping to do something for my peers in Romania, my mother country where I left a part of my soul. The ones who are like me and who love this field. The ones that spend years from lives learning, creating and bringing prosperity to the companies where they are working, but who are not known outside of Romania. Many of them are unknown even in their own country.I start thinking to create a group that would organize an IT conference in Romania that would attract the focus of the international web community and help to introduce more Romanians to Free Software and Open Source. At the same time, the conference should encourage Romanians IT professionals and enthusiasts to start and participate to the international IT, Free Software and Open Source communities.I presented the idea to one of my dearest friends here, Zak Greant, and he encouraged me to go further.And so, ROSI (The Romanian Open Source Initiative) was born.In the meantime I started contacting different Romanian web community members to see what others have written and done in the Romanian web world. I realized that the majority of the enthusiasts in this field already have a blog – even the ones from Romania, where the bogging movement is not so widespread as in North America. Then I realized that, if you want to do something in this community, you have to be heard …And so CianBlog was born.

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  1. Heh. Most of us have a lot of trouble figuring out what to write first – I think that I usually give up and make my first post on most blogs be a recipe. 🙂

  2. Thanks Gabriel and Zak for encouraging me. Both of you influenced me to start blogging.Actually I have a lot of stories and ideas, the time is the problem, like usual. Probably I’ll start blogging in Romanian first; at least I’m going to have more speed.

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